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We begin by conducting a series of interviews with senior leaders, learning and development stakeholders and internal customers.  These listening sessions provide us with a broader understanding of the organization’s strategy, culture and current reality.  They also facilitate early engagement and adoption of the learning solution. 


The Discover phase naturally leads to Dreaming.  If this is where we are at today – what do we want participants to know, understand and do differently AFTER they attend training.  And if we are creating an organization-wide training plan – what will be different?  What will the organization be able to accomplish because of this investment? 


The data collected in Discover and Dream:

  • Ensures we understand your business AND your desired outcomes
  • Allows us to build on the models, tools and systems that you have already adopted
  • Provides the framework for an effective measurement and sustainability strategy
  • Guides the development of the learning solution

Now we can start with the end in mind and design content that is aligned with your organization’s unique culture, situation and needs.  AND we don’t stop there! 

Learning and behavior change doesn’t happen in a passive environment.  “Listening” to a PowerPoint presentation or “attending” a Zoom meeting allows people to check training off their to-do list – but it doesn’t inspire behavior change. 

We created a very different methodology.  We call it the Aveea Approach.  The Aveea Approach stimulates classroom participation, provokes conversation, encourages exploration, and end ensures that each participant’s head and heart are brought to the table.  Why?  Because when people are fully engaged in the learning process – the result is enduring behavior change.  

What about virtual programs?  Don’t worry.  We’ve learned how to use the Aveea Approach in-person AND on-line.  And just in case you are interested -- it is a skill that we can transfer to your organization.    


You may have decided to train your own facilitators or have your customized program led by an Aveea Partners Master Facilitator – either way – we’re not done until we’ve had a chance to perfect the design.  So, once we’ve seen the program in action, we’ll work together to determine what worked, what didn’t work and what we’re going to do to improve the program.  And then, we’ll finalize the content – ensuring that your course delivers what YOU NEED to drive results.  


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