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  Building a Customer-centric Organization

To thrive, organizations need to go beyond good -- and learn how to exceed their customers' expectations. 

But who is the customer?  What does superior service look like?  What missteps are consistently being made?   What roadblocks are in the way?  Does the staff have the right tools and skills?  And are we structured to be service oriented? 

This workshop walks organizational leaders through the process of discovering where they are today and identifies the critical changes they can make to improve their company's customer service performance.    

Know                    How to build a customer-focused organization
Understand           What can de-rail the development of a customer-focused team
Apply                    Resources to improve customer-centric performance 

  What does "GREAT" Customer Service Look Like?

Organizations talk about great customer service -- but what does that really mean?  When push comes to shove -- what does success look like for customer-facing employees?  

  • Is the customer always right?
  • Am I expected to serve internal customers the same way I serve external customers?
  • When things get hot am I supposed to handle that myself or pass it off to my superior?
  • If I make a decision based on policy -- and the customer takes it to my boss -- will my boss back me?
  • Do I have the authority to go above and beyond policy? 

This workshop provides customer-facing staff with an in depth understanding of what customer service means at their organization and the models, practice and skills needed to effectively handle everything from the kindest to the most difficult customers.    


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