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   No Jerks at Work

Jerk-like behavior in the workplace is on the rise.  Just type “bad boss” or “toxic work environment” into Google and see what happens.  Add our amplified focus on sexual harassment and hostile work environments – and you’ve got the perfect storm.

In this interactive session, participants will: 

  • Identify jerk-like behavior
  • Discover how jerks impact work
  • Recognize how jerk-like behavior spreads
  • Understand each individual's role in addressing jerks at work
  • Realize that the jerk at work might actually be you

   You're Driving Me Crazy!

This practical and highly interactive workshop equips participants with a simple model that enhances team performance.  Utilizing the science and data from the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment and Team Work Styles Report, the participants will:

  • Identify their primary drivers
  • Understand what drives their teammates 
  • Recognize the strength of having diverse PI patterns
  • Discover how to modify their behavior to increase understanding, enhance working relationships and improve team performance

   Assist in the Win

Great teams embrace the idea that none of us is as good as all of us.  They understand that success depends on their ability to maximize everyone’s skills and abilities.  And in their quest to win they engage every member of the team as they explore options, determine best practices, make decisions and execute strategy. 

This workshop introduces employees to the skills they will need to help their team succeed.      

Workshop attendees will:  

    • Experience the power of a winning team
    • Understand why most teams fail
    • Discover how to become their organization's Most Valuable Player 

   Unstoppable Teams

This workshop utilizes a series of both indoor and outdoor experiences that allow an intact team to discover how they plan, communicate, interact, solve problems, and get results.  A feeling of community and collaboration develops as the team gains confidence through debriefing, discussion and the successful execution of a series of increasingly more difficult challenges.

After completing this course the team will be able to:

  • Identify the skills necessary for effective teamwork
  • Recognize the importance of roles
  • Know how to select additional team members who will compliment and enhance the current team
  • Embrace constructive conflict
  • Assess and evaluate team performance with a spirit of continuous improvement

   Building A Team-based Culture

The phrase “team player” is in most job descriptions.  Yet we’d be hard pressed to find a workplace that values team over individual contributors.  Just consider how most organizations make decisions about salaries, bonuses and promotions.  

This workshop helps leaders explore how to build and reinforce a culture of teamwork.   Attendees will:     

  • Develop  workplace-specific team-based expectations
  • Build performance systems that reward teamwork
  • Identify teamwork barriers and roadblocks
  • Recognize how leadership impacts teamwork
  • Determine what the organization needs to stop, start and continue doing to build a team-based culture

  Tapping into the Team's Creativity

There is a myth that great ideas only come from creative people.  Unfortunately that kind of thinking keeps people from participating in the creative process. 

This one-day program provides participants with a framework to:

  • Generate new ideas
  • Explore possibilities
  • Evaluate and prioritize ideas
  • Assess risk
  • Build group acceptance

In small groups, the participants are introduced to nine creative thinking and problem solving tools.  Each technique is then applied to a real-world organizational issue – providing the teams with hands-on experience and practice.  

Know              How to cultivate creativity and innovation in problem solving
Understand   What creative thinking techniques to use to overcome roadblocks
Apply              Successful creative thinking skills to a real-world issue


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