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    • May 31, 2022
    • June 09, 2022
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    Have you always wanted to learn process improvement, Lean, Six Sigma?  This is your opportunity!!

    The DMAIC Way® is a developed methodology where people become improvement focused to support the organization to become more efficient, effective and productive. 

    This facilitated method provides the skills needed to find the most practical and sustainable way to improve the way every-day work is done.  The process builds a culture of quality and continuous improvement.  When you have the opportunity to use data to identify root causes and develop solutions that leadership says yes to – that’s when you can make a difference at work! 

    During the sessions individuals will learn the 9-steps of The DMAIC Way® while working through an improvement project for their organization.  This is a learn-by-doing type of course that includes a break between sessions to apply the learning and coaching after the class for support through the project to obtain certification. 

    • June 06, 2022
    • 8:30 AM
    • June 07, 2022
    • 4:30 PM
    • virtual


    Leading projects is a great way to showcase your talents. It is an opportunity to hone your leadership skills. And it is a critical platform to prove how you add value to the organization.

    Which means you need to excel. You need to be a great project manager.

    That sounds daunting. Let’s just add a little more anxiety into our work life. Yes, and… It doesn’t take weeks of on-learning and months of studying to be a great project manager. In fact, in you think about – you probably already manage projects.

    •  A holiday family dinner
    •  Your last vacation
    •  Transitioning your eldest from middle school to high school
    •  Getting the garden ready after a long winter
    •  Remodeling the living room

    ALL of these are projects! There is a goal. There are a variety of milestones along the way. There is an end date. And – you need help and support from a variety of people who have different and/or competing priorities.

    You CAN manage projects. And it won’t take a complex system or set of rigid rules for you to be successful. At this interactive and practical workshop you’ll bring one of your own projects and use it to:

    · Learn the phases of a project

    · Recognize that projects are as much about people as they are about process

    · Identify and apply simple tools to support project planning and execution

    · Discover facilitative techniques to ensure team alignment

    · Uncover the secrets of keeping the project scope and timeline on track

    This double-dipping learning methodology allows participants to learn and set up a real work project for success at the same time! Most Reluctant Project Manager participants leave the workshop confident and fully prepared to facilitate their kick-off meetings. And, graduates have the benefit of two follow-up coaching sessions with their facilitator (a project management guru) to provide additional guidance as their projects progress.